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Seeking data science or multi-platform software development position to enhance my current expertise in network-based client server development and supply chain optimization. I am a key asset to have on any project.
Professional History
June 2008 - Present Intel Corporation Folsom, CA
Technologist - Data Scientist
  • Informs Edelman 2018 Finalist for work in Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization (MEIO)
  • Intel's entry and continued Gartner top 25 supply chain ranking. Lead technical architect for distribution planning at Intel. Architected and developed Intel's VMI and Consignment MEIO based replenishment processes. Developed SAS program that for several months distributed supply to forward staged hubs representing >60% of Intel's total volume running through the tool. Designed SAP SCM replacement process and worked with IT department to transition process into corporate infrastructure. Using SAS calculated predicted supply pulls from forward staged hubs feeding build and planning processes.
  • Architected and developed from scratch Python based multi-process, multi-threaded, globally distributed web server. The easily extensible custom web server provides state of the art data virtualization layer with end user developed data analytics and automation of business processes. This is all accomplished while utilizing Kerberos delegation based single sign on or optional encrypted authentication.
  • Designed and implemented Node based automated live database synchronization capability utilizing MQTT across worldwide distributed server architecture with PostgreSQL backend.
  • Implemented base class architecture and trained development team in Javascript OOP development techniques to provide live spreadsheet, charting, and cloud based WYSIWYG documentation. The capability provides an extensible, dynamic UI that is user defined with custom data analytics, business process automation and collaboration.
  • Performed big data statistical analysis providing senior management key relationships between service-level, lead-time and required inventory levels for any product and volume level. This capability is used to set strategic inventory levels for new products.
  • Used Python and Data Robot machine learning platform to automate decision making of product health status including key reasons for automated decision.
  • Architected and developed SAS based linear program and statistical forecasting using Python to automate Forecast Pro to improve automated forecasting processes.
  • Designed and developed SAS based predictive analysis, comparing multiple continuous improvement options for MEIO, with over 500 million row data sets representing >1TB per each of 26 runs. The results narrow down from thousands of scenarios what combination will provide the highest value if implemented.
  • Invented and developed service-level based inventory reporting used to drive supply chain improvements.
  • Invented and developed point in time inventory reporting by combining inventory movement and batched inventory data for finished goods inventory and distribution planning.
  • In a six-week period of time, developed a database driven .NET tool and framework with calculation engine, audit log, and point in time reporting. The tool remains a tier one business critical tool since 2009 and provides supply planning teams an interface for management of customer support with full automation and override capabilities.
December 2003 - May 2008 Intel Corporation Folsom, CA
Senior Software Engineer
  • Developed an improved mathematical model using kernel density map to better predict forecast error for MEIO.
  • Integrated ILOG CPLEX solver into .NET web environment passing configuration and user selected input to OPL script.
  • Designed and developed fully dynamic grid control with freeze pane and multi-row edit using ASP.NET data grid control in VB.NET to support new product planning organization's web-based build plan solver.
  • Designed and developed C# .NET thick client application to improve supply management and customer service-level for flash memory group.
  • Data Architect and Developer for MEIO. Provided technical leadership for multiple divisions while supplying supply network data and OLAP reporting solutions to drive optimized safety stock inventory targets at different stages of the supply chain.
  • Designed and Developed .NET and SAS applications as well as MicroStrategy reports to tie out corporate wide order management data between existing Sybase database and new Teradata database with new business rules and new data pulls from SAP environment.
  • Utilized MDX through COM interface to pull pre-summarized data directly from OLAP with drill down capability to live source data. This tool facilitated root cause analysis for several deltas between environments.
August 2002 - November 2003 Intel Corporation Folsom, CA
Technical Lead - Senior Validation Software Engineer
  • Project Management: Defined and assigned tasks, managed resource constraints, and tracked progress to schedule for a multi-platform graphics driver validation project.
  • Designed and developed tests for testing graphics drivers on Linux and Windows. Lead the team by developing test code that uses XML to abstract the test data from the test implementation. This reduces the requirement to re-compile tests and aids in rapid test development, and automation.
  • Using SOAP, and COM interface into a TLA711 Tektronix Logic Analyzer I developed a remote interface to COM API that provides the capability to capture static images over the network from an RGBA port. This facilitates testing of overlay and modes on a port that can't be displayed in a traditional manner.
  • Created pivot reporting mechanism to import LDRA code coverage reports into an OLAP CUBE database for rapid reporting on what tests exercise specific areas of code.
  • Created automated test suite for AC97 audio specification that tests the driver front end and then verifies the register settings match what was set using the application interface to the driver.
  • Developed C library for conversion between YUV and RGB pixel formats.
April 2000 - August 2002 Intel Corporation Folsom, CA
Senior Internet Software Engineer
  • Created OCT with a team of developers, OCT is Intel's Open Control Technology for centralizing and simplifying the management of systems in a data center.
  • Developed a security API, model and implementation for securing objects stored in a CIMOM (Common Information Model Object Manager).
  • Developed an OCT driver to integrate a CLIPS based JESS rules engine into OCT to provide automation of common tasks. The automation can be configured to automatically provision an operating system, install software packages, and content in a load balanced environment when load reaches a certain level, or a device goes offline.
  • Completed the driver for integrating the rules engine into OCT ahead of schedule. This allowed me to put together a memory based mini Linux operating system for PXE booting. The mini Linux OS provided the capability of provisioning the new system with an OS, as well as provide status of the available device into the OCT framework. There is a patent pending for this technology.
  • Developed a Java interface for creation of CLIPS rules, the interface converts the GUI based rule definitions into CLIPS.
  • Developed a generic object based data store and remoting API to facilitate rapid GUI and Driver development for the OCT Rules Engine.
  • Designed and developed a HTTP based protocol for dynamic status in a web application. This provided AJAX capability prior to its availability. There is a patent pending for this technology.
August 1995 - April 2000 PROVISTA Software Intl. Fremont, CA
Senior Software Engineer, and Network Administrator
  • Using C++ and OOP techniques, designed and developed a custom server to access legacy data located on TN3270 screens. The same code base runs on Solaris, AIX, Linux, and NT. It uses non-blocking or blocking file access, runs in one to many threads, and can handle up to 3,000 concurrent active connections. The code is highly portable, requiring only twenty base classes to port to any operating system. The server has a small footprint, and thus it is a candidate for router operating systems. Met the challenge of the project time constraints, the initial code was released in six weeks. The server has a sockets-based RPC interface that allows easy creation of applications in JAVA, VB, and Unix shell environments.
  • Using Visual C++, and ASP VB-Script, created a MTS COM object, and demonstration application to present capability of PROVISTA's server.
  • Development of real time application and user interface for laser eye correction at Sunrise Technologies developing the FDA approved Sunrise Hyperion LTK System.
  • Led development team at PG&E in the development of a custom web server to combine data from 3270 and ODBC data streams. During the development process I was key in bringing fresh ideas to management that made the project a success. The multi-threaded server was written from scratch using Visual C++. The data was formatted and presented to internal users in HTML forms for easy update of scattered mainframe information.
  • Using Visual Basic with SQL server, created a large SQL server database, and reporting tools for Budget Analysts at Pacific Bell.
  • Worked with a team to develop a system that enabled Central Office engineers to administer and engineer capacity expansion within the Public Services Telecom Network.
  • Set up and maintained PROVISTA's internal network and internet access. This included configuring and maintaining their Linux Firewall, SMTP, HTTP, and other Unix and NT systems.
March 1995 - June 1995 Telaire Systems Santa Barbara, CA
Software Engineer, and Network Administrator
  • Using Visual C++, designed and developed a Visual Basic Extension (VBX) for easy communication from VB to gas sensing equipment.
  • Debugged assembly floating point program for COP chip.
  • Set up and configured internet access and Linux firewall.
September 1992 - June 1995 Westmont College Santa Barbara, CA
Assistant Systems Administrator
  • I provided consulting (November 2006) on iSCSI solution to provide a centralized SAN solution.
  • Performed AIX install and administration for student and library server.
  • Set up and administration of Linux lab.
  • Terminal server and dial-up configuration.
  • Design of network for preparation of entire campus network.
  • Performed initial firewall and security configuration for internet access.
Artificial Intelligence design and development. I developed a genetically generated neural network for game play as well as a more traditional neural network to play Othello. Spending time with my three children. Enjoyed developing a Java based neural network for my son's 8th grade science fair project to test impact on network design options. I enjoy playing music in particular the piano and low brass including trombone, baritone, and tuba. In graphics I enjoyed creating a 3D Mountain generator screen saver that I released as shareware while in college. It is still floating around the internet.
1990 - 1995 Westmont College Santa Barbara, CA
  • Bachelor of Science Degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics
  • Received the "Most Likely to Succeed Award" during my sophomore year for work in Artificial Intelligence, Calculus and other mathematics classes.